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About Isaac Zarb

My professional interests are: Cyber Security, Fin-tech, POS Validation, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Highly available data-centers and cloud computing 
I specialise in Architecture and Design of Cloud Services, Blockchain, Azure, AWS, GCL, Datacenter Virtualisation, Security, and Web Technologies.

I typically manage projects using Agile methodologies such as SCRUM.
 My previous work experience includes architecture in highly scalable and performing CloudServices, Fin-tech and a passion for Security. • Heading IT Teams, Architecture at various sites in Malta and the UK, including Healthcare, iGaming, Banking, Fintech & Manufacturing. • Vast knowledge of virtualization products including cloud computing & Virtual Desktop solutions. • Fluent with various flavours of Linux, Windows, Exchange and SQL products • Seasoned in Networking, Security and Threat Management solutions •. Datacenter and cloud hosting management solutions. • Team and Unit Operations Management, business development and Client Facing experience • Passionate about security being PaloAlto networks evangelist and cyberforce member

Adding RBLs to your Paloalto Networks Firewall

A quick way to add Dynamic External Lists to your Paloalto firewall via cli is as follows. login to your firewall via SSH. type configure and paste the below set external-list tor-threats type ip url recurring hourly set external-list spamhaus-drop type ip url recurring hourly set external-list spamhaus-edrop type ip url recurring… Read More »

Installing USB Serial on OSX Sierra

Download the Driver Browser to the Prolific site to download the driver and install it. Here’s the URL at the time of this writing: Discover Driver Numbers The driver will need them so that it can be associated with your USB device. Click on Apple -> About This Mac and and click System Report. Select USB and scroll until… Read More »

Unable to create Datastore on ESXi 6.0 using Intel S3610 SSD

Has anyone been successful in adding an Intel s3610 SSD as a datastore on VSphere 6.0? I have tried several times without success. The process starts and shows in the recent tasks as “Create VMFS datastore”, but keeps running and never completes. I have successfully added other non-SSD drives without any issues. I tried reinstalling a clean copy… Read More »

VSphere 6 Nvidia GRID driver install

INSTALLING THE NVIDIA VIRTUAL GPU MANAGER FOR VSPHERE The NVIDIA Virtual GPU Manager runs on ESXi host. It is provided as a VIB file, which must be copied to the ESXi host and then installed. Package installation To install the vGPU Manager VIB you need to access the ESXi host via the ESXi Shell or… Read More »

Xenserver 6.5 – 6.2 Nvidia GRID Howto

NVIDIA GRID vGPU NVIDIA GRID vGPU enables multiple Virtual Machines (VM) to have simultaneous, direct access to a single physical GPU, using the same NVIDIA graphics drivers that are deployed on non-virtualized Operating Systems. Under the control of NVIDIA’s GRID Virtual GPU Manger, which runs in the XenServer Control Domain (dom0), GRID physical GPUs are… Read More »

Xendesktop Nvidia Grid desktop acceleration

Nvidia’s GRID vGPU technology is natively supported in XenDesktop, so let me show you how this feature works and some tips that go along with it. Citrix XenDesktop’s support for GPU virtualization allows virtual desktop users to run graphics-heavy applications with fantastic performance, gone are the days when your vdi is limited to mediocre graphics. Citrix added the capability for… Read More »