Unable to create Datastore on ESXi 6.0 using Intel S3610 SSD

By | May 27, 2015

Has anyone been successful in adding an Intel s3610 SSD as a datastore on VSphere 6.0?

I have tried several times without success. The process starts and shows in the recent tasks as “Create VMFS datastore”, but keeps running and never completes.

I have successfully added other non-SSD drives without any issues.

I tried reinstalling a clean copy of ESXi 5.5 and managed to create a VMFS 5 datastore in a few seconds.

Upgraded to 6 and everything worked fine.

Apparently in ESXi 6.0 if you create a new datastore, but don’t use the whole size of the disk, for example use half, create the datastore and then extend it to the full size, it should work.

I was trying these out with Intel 3500 SSD and Intel S3610 both failed.
There servers were different version of supermicro servers, it seems to be a problem with VSphere 6.0 and Intel Based SSD’s

“Create VMFS datastore” task never ended i had to reboot the host in order to get the host back to respond.
Apparently if you are patient enough and ignore the host being unresponsive the task will eventually succeed


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