Ubuntu 9.04 Xenserver 5.5 Template Paravirtualized

By | September 24, 2009

After reading many blogs, and trying for a while before succeeding, in creating an Ubuntu 9 pv template on xen, i have finally got it working, and have created a template which runs in PV mode, has the xentools installed and is avaliable for download for free.

A paravirtualized Citrix Xenserver 5.5 template for Ubuntu 9.04 x32,
you can find more templates in the templates page above.

username= root
password= password

download the following files extract them with 7zip and import the xva via xencenter..
The template is a bare ubuntu installation and has ssh-server installed, it is set to obtain an ip from dhcp, and works in PV mode,
please let me know if you run into any problems

More templates to follow

23 thoughts on “Ubuntu 9.04 Xenserver 5.5 Template Paravirtualized

  1. Don

    If this works, then you are the MAN! So, is this x32 or x64? I have been trying to get an x64 PV Ubuntu 9.04 for some time now…

  2. dmorgan

    Come to think of it, any chance you will be making a 64 bit version of this template anytime soon?

  3. Isaac Zarb Post author

    Hey guys thanks for your interest. That vm is a 32bit. but I can create 1, check back in the next few days for the new 64bit image. Cheers

  4. Isaac Zarb Post author

    This is the x86 version, however if you go to the templates page, you can find the x64 template or the link in the comment above

  5. dmorgan

    Thanks a LOT! for the x64 template. One thing, however. Rapidshare seems to not be able to locate the second zip file?

  6. kevin

    thanks a lot about the x64 template
    however, could you post a template with tiny harddisk. the vdi in this template requires 24GB. Or could you tell me how can I reduce the Vdi size in the template

  7. kevin

    Yes, also x64
    I wish a template with harddisk about max 2G(including OS) which is enough for me.
    Could you help me to make such a template? Thanks indeed, I really need it for testing VM migration.

  8. Helmuth

    Thanks for the VM Isaac, have you try 9.10 with the tools installed? Or just download the 9.04 ver and run the updates?

  9. Isaac Zarb Post author

    So far ive spent a total of 30min tryin to install the 9.10 however since its native fs is ext4 pygrub doesn’t know how to mount it, it also uses grub2 which is still beta and support is a little limited, perhaps a dist upgrade would keep the existing fs and grub, i have not tried it yet, but i will shortly.

  10. Helmuth

    Isaac, thanks for your response, I download it the templates listed above (32-bit ver), am I supposed to merge both of them? The second file 7-Zip complained that it was an invalid Archive, so I’m downloading it again just in case it got corrupted during the download. On the meantime I imported the first template file, and boot the VM and noticed the Vm is only in CLI mode, can I bring up the GNOME desktop? I also just checked your how to install it and noticed you use the Server Version, is that why there is no GNOME desktop?

  11. Helmuth

    Never mind about the second file question, I did not realize 7-Zip would extract both files to create one.

  12. Beppe

    great isaac, but we’re all waiting for the 9.10 template 64bit! comeon comeon..

  13. Jeremy

    First – THANK YOU for the template. Awesome work.

    Second – do you have any advice on how, exactly, to get VNC working? I’ve tried several tutorials and I’m still getting “connection refused” errors.

  14. Nate

    I want to say thanks for the template but I have one concern. With updates if I run them I will get the standard Ubuntu server updates. How can I get the updates for the kernel that will work with XenServer?

  15. Isaac Zarb Post author

    sudo aptitude forbid-version package_name should do the trick the package_name should be linux-image-server if its a 32bit distro,
    or else in the grub config there is an entry which forces the xen kernel
    in /boot/grub/menu.lst
    ## specify if running in Xen domU or have grub detect automatically
    ## update-grub will ignore non-xen kernels when running in domU and vice versa
    ## e.g. indomU=detect
    ## indomU=true
    ## indomU=false

    setting indomU=true should ignore non xen kernels

    hope this helps

  16. Craig Collins

    Are you able to assist a migration from Ubuntu 8.04 under VMware to Xenserver 5.5. We can export the machine in an image format and from what I’m gathering it’s a matter of changing the kernel. If your able to assist please let me know your fee for the project.

  17. khaled

    thanks alot , but we are need to know how you are make
    i didn’t find ubuntu in template only centos, redhat
    so if you can help.

  18. grafke


    I found, that you have CentOS 32 bit template. Maybe you can produce me with CentOS 5.5 (or 5.4) 64 bit template. I would appreciate that.

    Have a nice day

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