Finally, after a long night of frustration, i have managed to get Ubuntu 9.10 working on xenserver, Basically, i had to leave out the update to grub 2, since the pygrub that comes with xenserver does’ not read Grub2 configs, and it also doesn’t read ext4,
So This image uses the ext3 fs, and the normal grub, due to limitations on the xenserver side, or you may say ubuntu are very quick to implement the new features,
Apart from that it’s a full Ubuntu 9.10 installation, So far i have done the 32Bit, the 64Bit will follow shortly,
i have used an ec2 kernel, Thank you amazon, since the debian xen kernel is quite old, it was giving me problems with the 9.10 version, i have tested this a little and it seems to work fine, from my experience with amazon ec2, they use the open source xen as their host for ami’s so their kernels should do the job, however if you do find any issue’s please let me know.

I hope you enjoy this Ubuntu 9.10 Template for Xenserver, the 64bit version should follow shortly, hoping that i remember all the troubles i went through to get this one working hehe,

User root
Pass password
Image set as dhcp

You can download the 32Bit version here

Source 1 or Source 2