Windows Dvd Maker No Dvd writer / burner present on Windows 7 Ultimate

By | November 2, 2009

A Common problem in windows Dvd creator on Vista and Windows 7 is that the drop down list
next to dvd Burner is empty, There have been a lot of users complaining about this problem,
One of the culprits is the JMB363 chip, a problem with the driver causes the device to malfunction in certain applications, such as Nero and other applications worked fine, on my computer however windows dvd maker did not recognize, the device, but I could burn cd’s and dvd’s from the wizard in Windows 7, even from the integrated image burner.

If you have a gigabyte motherboard with the p35 or 45 chipset the JMB363 chip is disguised as the gigabyte sata controller, updating the drivers will help resolve the issue in some cases,
You can find the driver here:
Another issue was reported with some usb 3g modems, which were conflicting with
the ide or sata controllers, in my case unplugging the Vodafone E272, made the drive appear in Windows DVD maker, I didn’t even have to reboot or install the updated Jmicron driver, the problem has also been reported on some asus boards, some of the P5K do you the jmicron chips, so if you update the driver the problem should be solved,

If you have any issue’s with different hardware or the above doesn’t solve the issue please
post a comment so we can try to find a workaround.

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