Ubuntu 9.04 x64 Xenserver template

By | October 6, 2009

As requested here is the 64bit version of the ubuntu 9 template that runs on citrix xenserver paravirtualised.

download link



Unzip files with 7zip
user name root
pass: password

the image is set as dhcp, has xen virtualised pv kernel and xenserver tools installed.
Just import trough xencenter or the xe client, and your ubuntu is ready…



6 thoughts on “Ubuntu 9.04 x64 Xenserver template

  1. Don

    Cannot seem to be able to download the second zip from Rapidshare…

  2. Greg

    Have you been able to try 9.10 to see if it is more VM friendly os requires the same hacks as 9.04?


  3. Isaac Zarb Post author

    So far ive spent a total of 30min tryin to install the 9.10 however since its native fs is ext4 pygrub doesn’t know how to mount it, it also uses grub2 which is still beta and support is a little limited, perhaps a dist upgrade would keep the existing fs and grub, i have not tried it yet, but i will shortly.

  4. Fabien

    Hi, thanks for the template. Your second Rapidshare link doesn’t work, any chance you can upload it again?


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