Changing your endian firewall root password incase you forgot it.

By | July 28, 2009
I forgot my endian fw root password!!! HELP.. What now?

You have 2 options to reset your root password in the case you lost or forgot it.

  1. You will need a serial nullmodem cable and a pc / mac with a serial interface and a terminal program
  2. You will need a screen and keyboard attached to the firewall machine.

The Endian Fw Appliance’s have a serial interface (Console interface) but no Video and Keyboard connectors. If you have your own hardware you probably will have only Video and Keyboard but no Serial Interface.

Solution 1
(used for Appliance)
Connect the serial nullmodem cable to the console port of your Endian Firewall and the other end to your workstations serial port (COM1).
Use a terminal program to connect to the Firewall.

  • 38400 baud
  • 8 bit
  • No parity bit
  • 1 stop bit

After connecting you will find a menu with 5 choices. One of them is “Change Root password”.
Select that item to change your password.

Solution 2

  1. Connect the screen and keyboard and reboot your Endian Firewall.
  2. During boot-up you will see a the GNU GRUB Menu. Press a cursor button in order to stop the boot process. Otherwise it will boot automatically.
  3. Select the first item and press ‘a‘.
  4. You will see:grub append> root=/dev/hda3 panic=10 roAdd ‘single’ separated with a space, as described below:

    grub append> root=/dev/hda3 panic=10 ro single

  5. Press ENTER which starts the boot process
  6. After boot up, the prompt on the bottom of the screen should look like this:sh-3.00# _
  7. You are now logged in as single user, type
    mount -o rw,remount /
  8. type in passwd and confirm the passwd pressing ENTER
  9. follow the instructions

10.  If you also want to change the admin password, do the following:

htpasswd -m /var/efw/auth/users admin

and follow the instructions.

11.  sync

12.  reboot


Once the system has rebooted you should now have access via the shell or your browser via the admin interface.

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  1. Rashid

    Thanks Sir, I reset my console password as above instructions.

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