Adding a New Nic Card After a XenServer Installation

By | September 9, 2009

1. Install a nic card that is on the XenServer 5 HCL

2. Once the card is installed, and the server has booted up, run

kudzu /etc/sysconfig/hwconf
ifconfig -a

from the shell prompt. You only know if the card is compatible if you see the card in the list ex eth1 or whichever number the newly added nic card would be next.
3. Once you see the new card from Linux run “xe host-list”

4. You will get a response similar to;
uuid ( RO) : ef0b69b7-7648-440d-a89e-da2d83b7f5bd
name-label ( RW): xenserver-test
name-description ( RO): Default install of XenServer

5. Copy the uuid which comes up in your prompt, it will be different then the one shown on screen as they are all unique,

6. run “xe pif-scan host-uuid=ef0b69b7-7648-440d-a89e-da2d83b7f5bd”
Replacing ef0b69b7-7648-440d-a89e-da2d83b7f5bd with the uuid you copied above
7. Type in  xe pif-list , the output should contain your new nic settings

That’s all, the new card should be visible and usable in XenServer 5 and 5.5

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