Citrix Release Xenserver 5.6 Sp2

By | May 26, 2011

This latest updates Welcomes a few new feature which we have been waiting for, for quite some time.
Such as the introduction of

IntelliCache. makes hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure deployments more cost-effective by enabling you to use a combination of shared storage and local storage. The load on the storage array is reduced and performance is enhanced.

WorkLoad Balancing Installation Improvements.

  • Local Storage Spans All Physical Volumnes. When EXT local storage is used (e.g. when the Use thin provisioning is selected in the host installer), on a host containing multiple physical disks, the local Storage Repository (SR) now spans all the disks in a single LVM volume group.
  • Reset-on-boot VM behaviour. Disks with the on-boot option set to reset, is now available for disks in any type of SR. (Previously it was only available for disks in NFS and EXT SRs.)
  • Block SCSI Generic Support. BSG support added enabling full compatibility with Emulex and QLogic management functionatility.
  • Enhanced guest OS support. Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.

Additional Fixes

  • Hotfix XS56EFP1006
  • Hotfix XS56EFP1003
  • Fixed CPU soft lockup issue in which hosts experiencing CPU-intensive workloads or running additional utilities within dom0 (such as Nagios Network Monitoring software or HP management utilities) become unresponsive and eventually crash

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