Xendesktop 5.5 Special Folder Access with Xenapp 6.5

I have been having issues connecting redirected drives into my Xenapp Server. It seems there is a problem with the new Citrix Receiver where this has been disable for some reason. So you can not open any documents published through XenApp from Xendesktop from any local or networked drives for your Xendesktop image. The following… Read More »

Xenserver VM Stuck in shutdown (orange icon)

Sometimes in some scenarios, you encounter a Xen hosted VM that is stuck in a “Pending” state, typically a VM that was stuck with a pending Shutdown task. from XenCenter, the VM is no responsive in a panic state and the Shutdown and Reboot buttons are greyed out. A couple of potential causes for this condition include: 1. a mounted iso from the… Read More »

Citrix Release Xenserver 5.6 Sp2

This latest updates Welcomes a few new feature which we have been waiting for, for quite some time. Such as the introduction of IntelliCache. makes hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure deployments more cost-effective by enabling you to use a combination of shared storage and local storage. The load on the storage array is reduced and performance… Read More »

Citrix Release Xendesktop 5 Sp1

The long awaited Service pack for Xendestop 5 has finally arrived. Bringing new features along Licensing enhancements: V 11.9 of  License Server supports user/device licensing, manages license checkout information, and provides information that enables you to check out the least number of licenses.  You can use Desktop Studio to track and manage license usage and… Read More »