How STP selects the root bridge

In an STP enabled LAN, a switch is designated as the root bridge. The root bridge serves as an admin point for all spanning-tree calculations to determine which redundant links are blocked. An election process takes place, determining which switch becomes the root bridge. Each switch has a Bridge ID (BID) that is made up of: priority value extended system… Read More »

Linux coming to XenApp and XenDesktop

Citrix announced a limited technology preview of virtualized Linux apps and desktops, that integrates with XenApp and XenDesktop and extends the FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA) to enable additional use cases in industries such as automotive, manufacturing, oil and gas and financial services. When used with Citrix HDX, the company’s market-leading user experience technology, customers will get unmatched… Read More »

Xenserver iSCSI and Jumbo Frames

So,you either just setup iSCSI or are having performance issues with your current iSCSI device. Here are some pointers to ensure “networking” is not the issue: 1. MTU Settings Always check in XenCenter that your NICS responsible for storage are pointing to the correct target IPS. If they are, ensure you can ping these targets… Read More »

Xendesktop 5.5 Special Folder Access with Xenapp 6.5

I have been having issues connecting redirected drives into my Xenapp Server. It seems there is a problem with the new Citrix Receiver where this has been disable for some reason. So you can not open any documents published through XenApp from Xendesktop from any local or networked drives for your Xendesktop image. The following… Read More »